C-FORCE CF011C @ NotebookCheck



We last reviewed a 15.6-inch C-Force portable monitor earlier this year where we found its light weight and ease of use to be of value on flights or temporary offices as a secondary display. Nonetheless, it still suffered from all the drawbacks common on many inexpensive portable monitors including a limited color space, a dim display, slow response times, pulse-width modulation, and poorly calibrated colors.

The latest C-Force monitor, called the CF011C, has been redesigned with even narrower bezels while keeping the same ports and features as the CF011F (sans the MicroSD reader). The more notable updates, however, relate to the panel itself as C-Force has upped the color space (60% to 100% sRGB) and brightness (200 nits to 459 nits) significantly for a much better visual experience. Colors are no longer muted and the brighter backlight helps in brightly lit environments.

Additionally, power consumption hasn't changed by all that much from the older CF011F despite the improved colors and brightness levels. The minimum and maximum brightness settings demand about 3.2 W and 9.2 W, respectively, compared to 5.8 W and 9.2 W on the CF011F.

One major drawback that remains is the relatively slow black-white and gray-gray response times which makes the CF011C a poor choice for fast-paced games. Gamers will therefore still want to consider spending more on other portable monitors like the Asus MB169B+ where motion blur is minimal.

The C-Force CF011C is now available through the manufacturer's online store for $199 USD. C-Force sent us a sample unit in order for us to provide the measurements shown below.